A modern benefit for better living.

With Communiti, businesses can improve staff health and wellness with spend on sustainable food & drink. Retain and reward talent with a benefit they'll love.
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How it Works


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Staff access new local, small and sustainable food & drink unique to their location

A benefit for today & tomorrows workforce

As we collectively move into the future of the work, 85% of employees now seek benefits that improve lifestyle and wellbeing.

"Climate is ‘bar none’ the No. 1 concern for young people" – Google CEO Sundar Pichai

Making better food and drink easy & affordable.

Our marketplace hosts best in class food and beverage providers with unique savings. Give your staff access to a world of award winning butchers, responsible fruit and veg boxes, 100% recycled bottled water, Michelin star chocolates and much more.

Every experience is bespoke relative to what is locally available. Our extensive coverage is able to provide a meaningful selection for any address in the UK.

What they're saying

Employees that value eating healthy or consider themselves 'Foodies' consistantly rank Communiti as the top benefit their company provides.

Alice Burke
Cardiff University
The selection is amazing, I love it! It saved me so much time tracking down Welsh products.
Allister Tulloch
Vetro Recruiting
"Our favorite find was Farmer's Pantry. I've been BBQ'ing more regularly!"
Drew Davis
“I usually just don't shop local because I assume it'll cost too much, so for me, I was sold on the incredible value ”
Rachel Hiller
Capital Law
"I loved being able to get bulk options on local items and I feel it is important to reduce my food miles"
Dean Ward
DCW Group
"I have to say I'm very impressed! I didn't know there were so many tasty options close by. It felt great to support a local business:"
Laura Graham
Tidy Kitchen Company
“It's so nice and simple to use. My colleague was over the moon about the Caws Cernath cheese box I gifted her.”


Local Employee Benefits

Are your benefits making a difference?

Play an active role in building a vibrant local food and beverage scene while reducing your staffs carbon footprint. From eco-conscious bamboo loo rolls to lower food mile alternatives such as locally reared beef

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Communiti is CSR certified and helps your business fulfill its own ESG and CSR initiatives.